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Players can form covens with other players in Covens. This helps build cooperation and add more enjoyment to your player experience.

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Forming covensEdit

We recommend you speak with friends, both locally and online and encourage them to play Covens. This is the easiest way to form a Coven, however you can also invite others in-game by adding their player name into the Invite List from your Covens page.

Managing covensEdit

Active CovensEdit

Below is a list of the most Active Covens currently.

(To be added to this list, as well as be featured please contact Frae Guile or Nastasha in-game to contribute to the Wiki)

Coven: Status: Leader: Dominion: Dominion Rank: World Rank: Sigil:
House of Maya Winning Emerald Haze Quintana Roo 1 1
The Zodiacs (Unknown) piper Ohio 1 36
Shadow Tribe Recruiting (St nastasha (talk) 19:14, 20 May 2020 (UTC) Arizona 1 35