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Places in Covens correspond to real world places that include Places of Power, Gardens, the offices of the Grey Hand coven, and Explore objective locations.

Places of Power[edit | edit source]

Players can claim Places of Power and defend them by summoning spirits.

PoP icon

Currently there are 43 Places of Power in game:

Gardens[edit | edit source]

Gardens are these 10 sacred areas that items, spirits, and energy bottles will spawn - Item spawn rate has been increased.

Garden icon

Be cautious about your surroundings and be wary with where you leave your character. There is now no immunity between players in Gardens - upon entering a garden, a player will receive a notification that there is no immunity in gardens.

Covens garden immunity.jpg

This means that witches can attack each other without any attack causing the other witch to become immune to the other.

This will make it easier to complete quests that involve other players and for witches to battle each other in an easier way and gain experience points for defeating a witch in battle.

List of Gardens[edit | edit source]

The Offices of the Grey Hand Coven[edit | edit source]

The offices of the Grey Hand coven are available to turn in the Forbidden tools that you collect, if you choose to, and you are rewarded with silver currency for the lot of it.

Currently there are 3 offices of the Grey Hand coven located throughout the world.

  1. The Stratford-upon-Avon office in Warwickshire in Europe.
  2. The Paraty office in Rio de Janeiro in South America.
  3. The New York office near Town Square in North America.

Coven grey pop garden-NY 3.jpg

List of Places for Explore Objective[edit | edit source]

Covens explore icon.png

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