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There are many outfits, makeup, and other cosmetic options players can get to customize the appearance of their witch in the store (Gear) in Covens.




Styles are outfits that are available in complete sets and not available to purchase individual pieces.

Costs usually are 2100 silver OR 21 gold.

Please click on the Styles below to see the outfits!

~*~ A special thanks to fellow player Alshain & Calamity671 for providing ALL of the images for the Male witches/warlocks!

Alshain & Calamity671, I really appreciate all of your help with this! Thank you so much! ~*~

Matching StylesEdit

Female StylesEdit

Male StylesEdit


The items listed below can be purchased individually.

Costs varies from item to item.

Please check out the links of categories below to see the various of items with costs!

Female CosmeticsEdit

Male CosmeticsEdit

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